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Related article: C'est La Vie II Part 1 The usual disclaimers apply to this story. C'est la vie super kid model myspace teen model (Book 2) Return to School Part 1"Mum will you please stop worrying, I'll be alright going to school on my own," Timothy Clarkson said for the umpteenth time since he'd persuaded his parents to let him return to school. "Kai will meet me at the bus stop so it won't be like I'm on my own all the way there," and he continued to fill his face with flakes as he sat at the breakfast table with Linda, as his mother watched him from the doorway."I want to go to school on the bus but mum won't take me," Linda said lowering her voice authentic model books and looking across the table at her brother, "we always have to go in the car. Will you take me Timmy when I'm bigger?""Okay, now hurry up and eat index model nude your breakfast, otherwise you'll be late." Timothy Clarkson pushed his chair back and stood up, he took his empty serial bowl to the sink washed his hands and made his way to the hallway collecting his back pack and slinging it over his shoulder. Making his way back to the kitchen he went to his eye candy model sister saying goodbye and kissing her on the cheek, he made his way to his mother who was now at the sink washing the dishes. Standing on tip toe and kissing her he said, "Don't worry mum I'll give you a call as soon as I reach school to let you know everything is okay."He started to make his way out of the house and was stopped at the front door by his mother calling out to him. "Timothy,"He turned to see his mother in the hallway looking at him then shaking her head, "Its nothing son, take care" He removed his pack from his shoulder placed it on the floor and walked back to the woman who although wasn't his birth mother but who he now considered her as such, "It s okay mum I'll be alright," he said on reaching her, then reverting to his Manchunian accent said, "Don't be frit," which brought a smile to her face."I'm nay frit, I'm terrified," she said kissing him on the forehead, "Now be off with you," tapping him on his backside as he turned to leave Mary Clarkson went to the front room window and watched the boy walking down the street. She didn't think that she would ever be able to forgive herself at the loveless treatment she had inflicted on the boy for fifteen years who held no animosity against her, and still called her mum. She watched florida nude models him until he was out of sight then saying a short prayer returned to attend to the needs of her daughter Making his way down the street Timothy was happier than he'd ever been. His thoughts now centred on how his life had changed for the better. His parents treated him with all the love he could expect from them, even after confronting them about his relationship with Kai. When he with Kai at his side went to tell them of their attachment teen models nutella to each other, his dad ruffled his hair saying, "That's no secret Timothy. I had to come and make sure everything was alright the first night you were home, and seeing you and Kai wrapped in each others arms left no doubts to me as to who was one of the most important persons in your life." As he approached the bus stop a smile came to his face the moment his eyes rested on the boy his thoughts were on. He could see him standing looking in his direction and waving the moment he had come into view."How you feeling Timmy?" Kai said as he came within hearing.He waited until he was alongside his friend before replying, "Really nervous, it's been well over a month since I was last at school.""You'll soon get used to it, the same old routine five days a week." Kai said grimacing. His parents had phoned the school last Friday stating that Timothy would be resuming school on Monday morning. Now the two stood talking about how the teachers and other pupils in their class were going to react at his return. The other boys at the bus stop were continuously glancing in Timothy's direction and talking amongst themselves in lowered voices about the boy who had been stabbed and who had nearly died. The bus arrived and Kai and Timothy took their turn at boarding it. The moment Timothy had finished showing his pass to the driver boys were jumping up from their seats offering them to him. roxy model nonnude He smiled nude models pussys at their concern and took one of the seats and then was immediately engulfed by faces and questions enquiring about his health.Timothy had never in all his life had been the focus of so much attention and was getting a bit concerned when a familiar face pushed its way forward saying, "Come on guys give him a break, you'll see enough of him every day from now kids be models on," and then Kai was asking the boy who was sitting beside timothy if he could please move and took his seat when nude models 11yo he did. Arriving at the school bus stop the two boys waited for the bus to divest itself of all the pupils of Pendlehurst Comprehensive School then when the rush was over cool model's wallpapers they alighted from the bus. As soon as they were on the pavement both boys retrieved their mobile phones from their pockets and phoned their parents, informing them that they had reached the school to ease their minds. They made their way to the school entrance where Kai stopped saying, "Wait a minute Timmy, let the kids clear the passageways then we'll go in, don't want you getting knocked accidentally by rushing bodies. When Kai thought long enough had passed he opened the main doors stepped through then held it open for the returning pupil. The moment Timothy stepped inside the doors there was a crescendo of clapping. He looked down the main passageway which was lined by pupils on either side chosen from various years smiling and bringing their hands together in his honour. Just ahead of him stood the Principal Mr Geddings with a big smile on his face, he held his hand up for silence, and when the clapping and the noise ceased he said, "Welcome back Timothy.""Thank you sir," Timothy replied, and then more cheering took place till Mr Geddings silenced the cheering and breaking up the welcoming crowd asking them to return to their classes. Timothy walked to his locker with Kai, and en route got pats on the back from various pupils as he passed them."You were in on the welcoming committee?" he asked"Yeah sort of," Kai responded, "but I wasn't sure what was going to happen. All I was asked to do was to delay your entry into the school but I didn't know what they had planned." As they entered the classroom together so Timothy was greeted with more well wishes and Mr Beardsley saying, "Good to see you back skinny thong models Timothy."All through the first period there were a lot of questioning glances in Timothy's direction from the other pupils. Most of them had not realized how seriously Timothy had been wounded. He still hadn't fully recovered to his previous stature which was at best slim, so now his even slighter build made him look even frailer. The day went well except during the breaks when Timothy and Kai were under a constant bombardment of questions relating to various aspects of the assault. It was after the last break that the events of the day started to catch up with Timothy. During last period English he was looking at his text book following the reading of King Lear by one of his classmates, when without his knowing his eyes closed and his head slowly lowered till his forehead rested on the book. Kai vacated his seat and moved towards Timothy, at the same time Ms. Carbury noticing Kai's movement followed him towards where Timothy's sat.Putting his hand on the sleeping boys shoulder Kai gently shook it at the same pre models porn time calling his name, Timothy woke and startled lifted his head to see a concerned Kai kneeling beside him and then looking upwards a worried teacher looking down at him."I'm sorry Ms. Carbury," Timothy blurted out, "don't know what happened." "It's alright Timothy I think you should go home I can call for your mother to come and pick you up.""Please let me stay till the end of class there's not much longer to go is there miss?""I don't think that's advisable Timothy, but I'll call the Deputy Headmaster and see what he has to say. Mr Geddings is occupied with the School Board members at the moment attending their monthly meeting." Ms. Carbury went to her desk and paged Mr Beardsley and within a couple of minutes he was walking into the classroom. The two teachers with lowered voices consulted for a moment then Mr Beardsley approached where Timothy sat with Kai standing beside him."Timothy I think nude vampire models it's best that I call your mother and ask cool model's wallpapers her to come and take you home. If anything serious were to happen to you at school and we didn't take the appropriate action everyone concerned would be in serious trouble.""But there's nothing wrong with me sir, it's just that I normally sleep in the afternoons since I've been out of hospital. I thought I'd got over that as I haven't had my afternoon nap these last two days, I think I just got a bit tired sir, and fell asleep.Beardsley looked at the boy sitting in his desk looking up at him questioningly, "I tell you what Timothy there's only another twenty minutes to go to the end of school, you and Webster can leave early, that way you'll miss the rush for the bus.""Yes sir," Timothy said resignedly and packed his books then with Kai accompanying him and saying goodbye to the teachers they left the school. As they neared the bus stop they saw a bus approaching young japanse models and had to break into a sprint to catch it. They hopped on, when they were seated Kai asked?"What happened in class Timmy?""I don't know maybe because I was excited at being back at school and all the attention focused on me I just got tired. I was listening to Morrison reading from King Lear and the next thing was you were shaking model preeteen me awake.""Do you think you need to see your local doctor?" "No I was just tired," they continued chatting till suddenly Timothy stood pressing the bell, "Come on Kai are stop is coming up." They alighted from the bus and within the space of a few minutes walk Timothy was opening the front doorThe moment they were inside they heard Mary Clarkson calling out."Timothy is that you?"Yes mum, Kai is here with me."She walked into the hallway followed by Linda, "You're home early." She said while Linda walked over to be greeted by her brother who bent down and kissed her.He looked across at Kai, who had lifted Linda into his arms and planted a kiss on her cheek roxy model nonnude before answering his mother, "The Deputy Head thought it advisable I leave a few minutes early so that I'll miss the stampede for the bus.""Oh that was nice of him." Mary Clarkson exclaimed.Then addressing Kai, columbia teen models "Are you going to stay Kai, and have something to drink or eat?""No thanks Mrs Clarkson I'll head home, they just wanted me to make sure Timmy reached home alright." Turning to Timothy he said, "I'll talk to you later on the phone, bye for now.""Kai wait," and Timothy held onto his friends arm, "Do you have to go 10yo boys models now can you wait a bit?"Seeing the pleading look in Timmy's eyes he gave mona model into his friend's plea, "Okay I'll stay a bit longer but let me phone home and let my mum know where I am." After Kai had phoned the boys went up to Timothy's room. The moment they entered Timothy went over to his bed and just flopped down on his back his arms splayed outwards and promptly closed his eyes.Kai went over to him taking Timothy's feet he lifted them onto the bed removed his shoes, then childart models taking Timothy by the shoulders pulled him towards the top of the bed till he could place his head on the pillows.He heard Timmy mumble "Thanks Kai."Sitting down at the edge of the bed he looked down at the drawn face of the boy who had won his heart. He placed his hand on the boy's head and began stroking his head asking, "Are you okay Timmy?""Uh huh, just a bit tired. Stay close don't go away, just let me sleep for a few minutes."He continued to stroke Timmy's head until he was sure the boy was asleep then lay down on the edge of the bed next to him. He'd been lying down for about ten minutes when there was a light tap on the door then it opened and Mrs Clarkson was standing in the doorway. He rose from the bed and put his finger to his lips indicating silence and walked to where Mrs Clarkson stood.Reaching her he whispered, "Timothy was sleeping that was one of the reasons they had come home early because he'd got tired in school. I'll stay here until he wakes up then I'll go home."Mrs Clarkson nodded and retreated downstairs again and Kai nude models 11yo went back to lie beside the sleeping boy. An hour later Timothy Clarkson stretched his legs and arms then as his eyes opened looked at the boy lying next to him who was watching his every movement.Hi, you've been awake the whole time.""Uh huh, I've been watching you sleep."Timothy lifted his body then leaning over engaged his lips with those of Kai's. When the kiss was broken he stayed looking down at the boy that he'd fallen in love with, "Thanks for staying with me, I feel really comfortable when you're close."Kai wrapped his arms around the slender form and rolled over reversing their positions, "I'll always be there for you if not in person then in spirit. Remember that, now we had better get downstairs your mum was up here earlier I think she might be a bit concerned about you." They made there way downstairs and were greeted by a worried looking Mary Clarkson."Are you alright Timothy?" she asked the moment the boy reached the foot of the stairs."Yes mum I was jus a bit tired I think the excitement of starting school again and all the attention I got sort of knocked me out.""Alright come into the kitchen and I'll make you both a cup of tea."The boys followed her into the kitchen and within the space of five minutes were sipping their tea, with of course Linda demanding a sip of her brothers. "I think I'd better head home Timmy," Kai said getting to his feet after black model forum finishing his tea. He made his goodbyes to Linda and Mrs Clarkson and followed by Timmy headed for the front door.Picking up his pack Kai turned to the boy at his side "See you at the bus stop same time tomorrow," he said holding Timothy's handTimothy responded by leaning forward and giving him a peck on the cheek, "You bet, will you call me later.""If you can stay awake yes," then opening the front door Kai left. Two miles away Peter Blake lolled back in an armchair in the sitting room staring unseeingly at the television. His mind was on his present predicament which took precedence over watching torrent sylvia model the TV. His lawyer had been able to delay the first hearing of his case citing that his client was unwell and suffering from headaches and nausea since striking his head on the pavement. At the second hearing because the victim was no longer in a life threatening condition he had got bail with a ASBO.(Anti Social Behaviour Order) and a curfew. He had to be in his black model forum house between the hours of 8.00pm to 8.00am till the date of his trial. He was also having to attend a special school for pupils who are expelled from their schools and awaiting a placement to a school that would take them. He was thinking about what he would like to do to those two wankers who had caused him to be in this predicament. I wasn't going to stab that arsehole Webster, Peter Blake's mind ranted, I was just going to put the knife to his throat and frighten him. Then that little dip shit Clarkson had to play the bloody paran teen model hero and step between us and get the knife in his gut. But what was unbelievable was Brian Hunter siding with them, he's another wanker. Peter Blake liked to blame everybody but himself for any misfortune that befell him not realising that 99 percent of the time it was down to his own misguided actions that caused his problems, and his present state of confinement was all down to him. And still he sat and sulked and cursed under his breath, swearing revenge on those who were on top of his hate list. T.B.C. If you wish to make comments about this story then please feel free to do so to :- Caleb Wilson.
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